The hamlet of Vergnano

The hamlet of Vergnano, known today as San Geminiano, is located in Montericco area within the municipality of Albinea.

A document from the emperor Otto I  the great

dated 963 mentions the existence in Vergnano of a church

dedicated to SanGeminiano; upon the ruins of that church

Matilde di Canossa built a chapel  still existing today.

In Vergnano there was a castle defended

by a garrison of the Bishop of Reggio Emilia

who owned it; nothing remains today of that castle.

The first document mentioning the castle is from the emperor

Henry II,  also known as Saint Henry, and is dated 1014.

The document stated that Vergnano with its castle and two

chapels in latin:

“Vergnanum cum curte et castello et duobus capellis”

was a property of the bishop of Reggio Emilia.

The hamlet of Vergnano